• Rachel Pellegrino

10 Things That Make Me Happy

Being cooped up during this shelter-in-place season, makes me struggle sometimes to smile from sunup to sundown. We all have our ups and downs, especially in close quarters. So, since I LOVE list-making, I decided it would be best if I make myself a Top 10 Happy Thoughts List.

10. Someone else cooking meals

9. New pack of pens or color pencils

8. Good food with a good friend = good time

7. Listening to music - country, jazz, pop, contemporary Christian, and more.

6. Ice Cold Pepsi on a hot Texas day

5. Long Hot Baths

4. Sleep and sleeping in

3. Wearing pajama pants and a comfy t-shirt all day

2. Reading - in a shady hammock, on a couch, in a rocking chair

1. Salt water, sandy toes, & ocean waves ... at the beach

So, there you have it ... 10 things that make me happy. What are the 10 things that make YOU happy right now?

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