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5 Movies to Re-Watch Right Now

The past three months quarantined at home has not passed quickly. It feels like March, April, and May have been one long movie scene. Which got me to thinking about the movies I've watched and re-watched because I love them, because time at home was in plenty of supply, and because, well, why not?

1) You've Got Mail

Shop Around the Corner with Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan...need I say more? Whether this is playing on a random TV channel with commercials or I'm just in need of remembering what really good romantic comedies look like, I find myself stopping and watching You've Got Mail...and I always walk away from it with a smile. Always.

2) Avengers (Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame)

Okay, so technically this is four movies, but you can't watch one and not watch the others, especially the last two. Meatball and I have been attached to the Marvel series since Iron Man first came out the year we got married...and when we can't decided between us what else to watch, we can always revert back to one of these and get lost with Tony, Cap, and Thor again.

3) The Help

I loved Skeeter. I'm not sure if it's because I relate to her not being able to tame her hair or if it's that she wanted to write something extraordinary or because she was had a backbone and was able to stand up to a bully. Regardless of the reason, this movie and its layers of emotion, historical turbulence, friendship, and family always makes me laugh out loud and cry into my tissue.

4) The Greatest Showman

This movie has it all and I LOVE it! Love the music. Love the romance. Love the spectacle. Love Hugh Jackman. It's so lively and lovely. We have the soundtrack on rotation on our music playlists and absolutely are thrilled that it family friendly all the way through.

5) Frozen II

How can I not include this? As a Disney fangirl, I loved watching the first one with my Sweet B when she was old enough to enjoy it. When this one came out, we saw it three times in the theater and then bought it and have watched it multiple times at home. We sing the songs. We cry with Anna. We laugh at Olaf. We shake our heads at Kristoff. We love it all...over and over.

You've probably seen a few themes with these choices. I love really good storytelling. I love musicals. I love good humor. Now it's your turn...what are the five movies you can watch over and over again?

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