• Rachel Pellegrino

Proud to be an American

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

Growing up, I was always proud to be an American, to say I was an American citizen.

As a third generation Italian-American, I heard all the stories of how my ancestors had come from Italy, seeking work and opportunity, and yes, freedom…freedom to live and worship as they believed. And, I was proud of all they accomplished because of their hard work, their family foundation, and their prayers.

I have lost both sets of grandparents in the last ten years, and it saddens me greatly that the American of today has changed so dramatically from the America of my ancestors. I believe that we are struggling as a nation to find our identity and still be proud of our heritage, our purpose for being, and the reasons this country was created and for which so many fought.

Our people and our leaders are far from perfect. Our history has time periods we wish had never happened. Our present is marked by hypocrisy, litigation, and zealousness for fame and political correctness that is both embarrassing and misleading. How did we get here and how do we get back to who we were meant to be as a country?

Where we once swore our allegiance to our country and to protecting our people, we now fight in court daily to tear down the very ideals that built us into a land that everyone around the world wanted to be a citizen.

Where we once placed fear into the hearts of our enemies through our mighty military and our resolve to defend our borders from anyone wanting to enter and do harm, we now have those of our very own plotting to tear down the very fabric of our being from the inside out.

Where we once were resolute in trusting in a one, true and loving God, we are now having our religious liberties destroyed by the few who want to dismiss or dominate them with their opinions, their lifestyles, and their animosity.

Where we once fought for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, we have allowed our leaders to decide it is okay to take innocent lives in the womb, muzzle our freedom of speech, and dictate what business principles should look like for everyone.

I miss my America. I miss the people of all races, religions and creeds who were diverse, yet united as a people. I miss the neighborhoods we once roamed as kids, free of fear, danger, and violence. I miss the results of strong, passionate, and conscientious leaders in government.

I still love my country. I love America. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. And, I will fly my American flag, wear my red, white, and blue, stand up for the oppressed, and celebrate the warriors. And, I will proclaim my status to the world…I Am An American.

And, I will still pray daily for its government and its leaders, its citizens and their children, its cynics and critics, and its visitors and guests, that they too might remember that we are America, built because of our ancestors’ desire for freedom to worship and live in a country without tyranny and oppression.

We are the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. God bless the USA.

Happy Fourth of July!



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